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When it comes to renovation, my design philosophy is simple: respect the integrity of the original home.

I've always loved older homes. My two childhood homes - one in Milwaukee and one in a small town not far from New York City - were, respectively, 1910 and 1929 Tudors. Lack of funds were what kept those houses in their original condition - my parents had insufficient cash for major overhauls. A little paint here, a little patching there, and my folks called it good.

But I adored both of those houses just the way they were; I was glad my parents didn’t change much over the years.

I came to love mid-century design by accident, when my husband Peter and I bought our 1958 Denver tri-level in 2005. The house was livable but needed work, especially as we raised our growing family.

In 2009, when we started the design phase of our first big remodeling project, we began with the Integrity Modern mindset - respect the integrity of the original home. We made all of our design decisions from there. We’ve done the same with every renovation, big and small, ever since.